Matt Dunn

Cadastral Surveyor

Matt Dunn is a Cadastral Surveyor and is registered with the Surveyors Board of Queensland.  Matt Dunn has extensive experience in all areas of terrestrial surveying, specialising in Construction, Engineering and Cadastral Survey.  He has been involved in a number of high profile civil construction, building construction, land development, mining and transport projects throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea. 

Erin Berthelsen

Senior Town Planner

Erin Berthelsen is an experienced and respected Senior Town Planner who has successfully managed a diverse portfolio of clients, along with residential, commercial, industrial and masterplanned developments from initial consultation, through to construction and delivery to the market.

Erin Berthelsen  has a comprehensive knowledge of planning systems and relevant legislation, which has allowed her to provide practical planning advice within defined timeframes to the mutual satisfaction of all stakeholders. Erin has built a quality reputation over the years in the planning and development industry and has a proven track record for her knowledge, conduct and quality of service.