MD Land Surveys specialise in the full suite of Engineering, Construction and Cadastral survey services.

Engineering Survey

We are proficient in all types of Engineering Survey requirements and pride ourselves on providing fit for purpose solutions. 

  • Detail and Level Surveys

  • AHD Level Certifications

  • Construction Calculations, Set-out, As-Constructed Survey and Conformance Reporting

  • Stockpile / Modelling / Volume Survey, Calculations and Reporting

  • Design Checking and Verifying Quantities

Construction Survey

We have significant experience and knowledge of construction methodologies and the survey requirements. 

  • Civil construction for land development - Construction Calculations, Set-out and As-Constructed Survey

  • Civil surveying for roads and rail from concept and design to construction and delivery

Cadastral Survey

We have expertise in land development and the associated Cadastral survey requirements.

  • Subdivision Surveys

  • Identification Surveys

  • Amalgamation Surveys

  • Easement Surveys

  • Cadastral and Titling Advice

Town Planning

MD Land Surveys can provide a range of specialised town planning services.  Our expertise allows us to cover various types of projects, ranging in size and complexity. 

We maintain strong working relationships with local and state agencies, which ensures we provide complete attention to your project requirements.

Development Services

  • Development Applications and Assessment (i.e. Material Change of Use, Reconfiguration of a Lot, Operational Work, Building Work Assessable Against the Planning Scheme)

  • Approval Management

  • Planning / Development Submissions

  • Managing project teams to deliver projects

    Urban Design and Master Plan Development

    • Master planning and urban design

    • Subdivision design and lot layouts

    Due Diligence & Project Feasibility

    • Due diligence

    • Development opportunities and site appraisal

    • Pre-lodgement advice

    • Design coordination

    • Application strategies